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Non-traditional perspectives on mikveh
In this community, we're:

1. Providing confidential, open-minded support to ALL Jewish women, married, partnered, or single, traditional or not, who are interested in going to mikveh.

2. Maintaining a list of nondenominational, community, Conservative, Masorti, unaffiliated traditional, and Reform mikvaot. It's in a separate post below.

3. Posting resources of interest to non-traditional (and "regular") mikveh users.

Yes! This group is active (last updated on October 6th, 2008), but only members can see the posts, except for the welcome post, links, and list of mikvaot.

Email me at onanothertopic@yahoo.com if you'd like to join. Please tell me a little bit about yourself, with no identifying details, of course, so that I know your interest is genuine. You'll need a LiveJournal account. Register here. If you already have one, you may want another, because your username will be displayed in the userinfo. (Unfortunately, the members list can't be suppressed.)

You must be female to join this community, but there is a Facebook group open to everyone. Over there I crosspost only my purely informational posts, nothing else, so that our privacy won't be compromised.

Bididut, in friendship,

Rachel Heller

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